Life at first sight


I saw the little house during I was on the bus to go suburb. It’s closed to a company I worked with. It’s stunning while uncomfortable as well. I realized poverty which forced the member in this house to suffer from the small and frustrated space.

That makes me feel that I’m not the only one stucked into problems. Life must go on no matter how hard it is.

Sala Rattanakosin

It’s good to go back to my place again. My university is here. When I was a student, I walked around and went sightseeing by boat. It memorized a lot of my life.

Today, I’m on a boat and stunk into a canal to wait for the door opening, so I saw a few colorful boats including mine. It’s one of interesting things for a  tourist to try this kind of boat once in a lifetime.


When I got into the canal, khlong Mon, I saw a lot of local houses, the way of people live their life. Here are some of samples.


                   a graffiti on a wall


I like the design of old architecture which I can’t find much nowadays. As far as I know this style was famous back to maybe fifty or sixty years ago when my grandparents are still young.



After getting off a boat, I went to have a small meal at a beautiful cafe called ‘Sala Rattanakosin’. This cafe and restaurant offer Thai fusion food both main course and dessert .


It opens from day until night, but for dinner you have to reserve the seat, especially on weekend.


Here can complete my day with a good memory.


The China House


After early working hours, I chose The China House, a stylish chinese restaurant and bar, to treat myself. It’s located in Mandarin Oriental Bangkok hotel, a five star prestigious hotel in Bangkok. It’s absolutely expensive for this meal, but worthwhile. Four dishes are my course today.

a beautiful appetizer


Set of tea


        simple but good-tasting fried rice


Fried crab in X.O. sauce

Fried shrimp with wasabi sauce


Fried noodles


a mini bar in the corner

Today there was not much people, so I could treasure myself with a beautiful design and delicious dishes. Love it!!!

Sampran, a small area near Bangkok.

I went back to my hometown, Sampran, on Sunday. It’s not far from Bangkok, just take 40 minutes drive. It’s still simple and local. One of my mission was to have lunch at this small and riverside restaurant. Because of the riverside, I could feel the fresh air and impressed a beautiful and simple view. Mostly the opposite of the river are the combination of housing and plantation. I grew up here before moving to study a secondary school in Bangkok. Time has changed as I do.

home sampran

photo 2 (1)

From this view, I saw the contrast of color mixed in this restaurant. I think it’s strange and pretty at the same time.

The below pictures are some of my dishes. The first one is hot and sour, fish and vegetable ragout, second is fired thin noodles with soy sauce and the last one is papaya salad. All of them are full flavored– spicy, sweet, sour, and Yummy. It made me realize the old day. Miss Miss Sampran. ^ ^

photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1)

photo 5

Pork and shrimp with basil leaves


Pork and shrimp with basil leaves

Phad-Kra-Pao is an easy-cooking Thai dish and widespread in any cuisines from home kitchen, food stall, until restaurant in department store.

It always eat with fried egg and jasmine rice. I’ve heard that this menu is famous for Japanese. It’s a bit spicy depends on your chili.

Well, you can check it out how to cook it as following links;


Homemade and very simple noodle

When I’m home, noodle is one of my favorite choice. This picture is a fired thin noodles with soy sauce called ‘Pad-See-Eew’. You can find this dish from Khao San road or any street food shop. As far as I know, It’s famous for foreigners because not only it’s quite cheap, but also very yummy.




Good Luck Dreamers


My debut English book.

This is my Thai novel which was awarded by a competition in Thailand in 2008 and published in 2010. And it’s going to be in English version soon.

Firstly, it’s just a short story developed from my very little screenplay at film school. Luckily, I didn’t ignore and keep it in an old file. I thought it could be more than that, so I wrote a novel and sent to the competition. Luckily again, I got one of the prize, and published by the publishing.

For many years later, I reminded of the old time and saw the development and the entire process. These told me that everything must take more and more time. That’s why I never give up. I know what I want, what I am, and what I’m going to do.

What I want to tell you guys is that no matter how hard it is, just do it, keep doing it, and do it again. Imagine when you finish and make it success, imagine and keep this feeling to move yourself forward.

Good Luck Dreamers!!!!